Common reasons for B2B bounce rates

January 29, 2019 Aspin InterSell, News Tags: , , , , ,

When speaking to customers, they tell us about the frustrations they have when trying to maximise sales online. Here are some points to think about when looking to reduce B2B customer bounce rates.

B2B eCommerce customers may bounce for several reasons including

  • Can’t find what they want or find it quick
  • Poor product photos/description
  • The site is difficult to navigate (hidden menus etc.)
  • The time your website takes to load
  • Poor website/graphics design
  • Item is out of stock
  • Poorly designed landing page maybe covers the whole page
  • Long sign up/checkout process
  • Or they simply got distracted and left

What contributes to your bounce rate?

For B2B sites, customers bounce when they:

  • Press the back button of their browsers
  • Close the browser window or tab
  • Open a new tab or window
  • Type in a different URL and go on to another site
  • Spend little time on page

These include actions carried out by mistake.

A report on Gorocketfuel suggests that bounce rates of 26 to 40% is ideal, 41 to 55% average, 56 to 70% above average, depending on industry and purpose of the site.

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