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PixSell Sales Intelligence Module. We provide the insight. So you can spend your time on the strategy.

PixSell provides up to date, ready-made reporting, available at your fingertips. Gain an additional 30 sales reports when you upgrade to our PixSell Sales Intelligence Module.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight”
Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP

Our industry-leading Field Sales App, PixSell, is supplied with 12 sales reports as standard. Plus – a full suite of optional add-on modules to increase functionality. SalesByCustomer

If you opt for the highly nuanced and detailed Sales Intelligence Module, this provides your team with an additional 30 sales reports. Give your business the power to turn insight into action.

“I find PixSell more intuitive…the reporting and information…is better than any other order taking app”

Aimee Kite, Sales Rep for Jellycat, Caroline Gardener and Roger La Borde

The greatest tool a sales manager can have is effective data analysis. Because it’s only when you analyse what your business is currently achieving can you understand how to achieve more.

Multi-brand Sales Rep, Aimee Kite, uses PixSell sales reporting to define her sales strategies. This allows her to not only upsell, but upsell appropriately. This has increased her sales by an additional two orders a year per client and enhanced her customer relationships.

Abacus Cards Sales Manager, Nathan Hitchcock, fully utilises the broad scope of PixSell reporting. With frequent monitoring of the reports, Nathan knows within hours if a new product launch has been a success or not. If not, he can act swiftly to maximise results. SalesByProduct

We’ve all spent hours poring of over sheets of raw data to try and extract the information we need. But, with the PixSell Sales Intelligence Module we do all that work for you.

With all the reporting you could want at the swipe of a screen, your time is freed up to spend on more important tasks. Like analysing the insight to strategise the action.

“I check the sales reports hourly…it’s better than any other sales reporting app’”

Nathan Hitchcock, Sales Manager Abacus Cards Ltd

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