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January 27, 2014 Aspin News Tags: 0 Comments

iStock_000008820375-smallFor almost ten years Aspin have been helping a diverse range of distribution companies streamline their warehouse operations. For the majority, this has meant switching from error-prone paper based systems to an automated solution that integrated with their host ERP software.

We have decided to take stock of the long term benefits such automation has had for these companies, and are pleased to report that MiniPick is highly regarded and has since become an integral part of business process for our clients.

Thomas Freeman, Marketing Director at Fab ‘n’ Fix spoke to us about the compatibility of MiniPick with their existing ERP system and warehouse staff. Fab ‘n’ Fix sell items associated with window and door fabrication, such as panels, fittings, signs, numbers and handles.

“We chose MiniPick as a cost-effective WMS extension to our existing ERP system (Lakeview) that has limited warehouse functionality. It has proved to be a user-friendly system that staff have quickly become familiar with. It didn’t require us to make a painful ERP switch or to invest millions in a fully-fledged WMS that would have been more advanced than we needed. MiniPick has allowed us to automate our goods out, goods in and stock taking procedures by using handheld scanners, removing unnecessary manual steps and improving the speed at which we can process outbound despatches. Additionally, we have better visibility across the business on the status of orders and we are closer to having real-time information on stock. The team at Aspin did a very good job of exploring our initial requirements and delivering on schedule. Aspin have been proactive with minor upgrades and tweaks since we went live, making sure we get the most out of the software.”

Torton Bodies provide display and exhibition units and trailers and credit MiniPick as the antidote to product traceability. Operations Director Claire Andrews explains.
“MiniPick is an integral function of our warehouse management enabling us to have a real-time view of our stock levels and costing. By bar-coding and booking stock through MiniPick, we can validate it at point of receipt which for our manufacturing operation is critical. This means we have full traceability of an item from receipt to use and a full build list of the vehicle/trailer as it drives out of the factory. Using MiniPick ensures the item is scanned and validated as it is removed from the warehouse. The margin for error would be far greater by inputting these transactions via a PC and has been eradicated.”

Business and IT manager for the Carford Group Steve Donohoe maintains that Aspin’s customer service and expertise are key to a successful implementation.

“Aspin’s skill, expertise and customer service are excellent. They integrated with the existing system well – not a easy task! MiniPick has enabled us to track stock movements, in and out, with accuracy and greater accountability. Aspin have continued to offer a professional and friendly service, long after the project was completed.”

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