SEO Basics

December 13, 2013 Aspin InterSell Tags: ,

High search engine rankings are the perfect way to get more visitors, more customers and more sales. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the name given to the process of optimising your web pages for search engines. It may shock you to think that only 75% of searchers don’t even look further than page 1 of Google – therefore if your website is on page 2+, you could be missing out on a massive amount of sales.

How might a website improve its search engine ranking?

Trust. You need to convince a search engine like Google to trust your website; it needs to know that your content is genuine and that you aren’t just looking to rip people off. There are a few ways in which you can do this; the first is good quality content.

Imagine you’re walking down the high street and you’re looking for a shop that sells “Login Magazine”. You see a shop with a massive sign above the door that says “The Book Store!” and in the window you can see a poster that says “We sell Login!” As you get closer you can actually see the magazine on display, you walk in. The staff are really helpful, offer you coffee, hand you the magazine and thank you for your custom – a great customer experience.

Imagine that bookshop is actually a website, and Google is the high street. You’re trying to find somewhere trustworthy that sells ‘Login’. Google takes a look at ‘The Book Store’ and thinks: It looks respectable and I can see it sells Login. It takes a look inside, it notices the clean coding of the website, sees that the content that relates to Login and navigates its way round to the dedicated area for Login where there is information for each issue of Login. It notices that the content is updated regularly – they’ve got the latest books. Google deems this website to be genuine and trustworthy.

Alternatively, envisage walking down the high street and seeing a different shop covered in dust, cobwebs with no sign and flickering lights, however, you can see Login in the window.  It may sell the desired item, but would you trust the shop? In terms of the website analogy, we’re talking about the extreme opposite – the website that has no definitive name, untidy code and not very detailed content. Google will look at this website and decide it is probably not what the user is looking for, so although it will still display it in search engine results, it will not make the first page.

The first thing Google looks for is high quality content; if you are a business talk about what it is you do, where you are located, how your company was started, information about the products and services you offer, the industries you supply, up to date news and blog posts and contact details. All of this information forms a bigger picture about what your website is really about, keywords related to it, and encourages Google to have confidence in your business and place you at the top of the results for searched keywords.

The benefits of SEO are massive. Not only do you attract the attention of the 75% of potential customers who missed your site before, optimised keywords on your site mean that people who visit your website are actually looking for the product you offer. Google has recommended your company to their customer (the searcher) because it trusts that you are the right business to go to.