Success as Aspin launch first PixSell workshop for clients

April 5, 2017 Aspin PixSell, Workshop Tags: , , , , , ,

This will definitely improve our use of the app,” was just one of the comments we received after the first PixSell workshop took place on Tuesday April 04 at the Holiday Inn, Oxford. We are delighted to say that it was a great success. The workshop, targeted at directors and managers whose teams use PixSell, welcomed over 30 of our customers – all hoping to gain more of an insight into the best practice for PixSell and to meet with other users. 

The workshop was broken up into five sessions, each covering a different aspect of how to sell and distribute products into retail. The sessions encouraged people to interact, share ideas with eachother and ask questions throughout. Something that worked extremely well was the opportunity for businesses to share their own opinions with each other on the best practices of PixSell with – rather than just what Aspin have to offer.

Prior to the workshop, Aspin customers identified the topics which they were interested in learning more about. The sessions provided business consultancy and discussed concepts of selling, presenting and reporting to assist each company in becoming more profitable. The sessions covered were:

  • Promotions, up-selling and cross-selling
  • Using PixSell as a sales tool
  • PixSell hints, tips and quick wins
  • Managing your reps’ activities
  • NEW! PixSell targets module

The final talk of the day introduced the new PixSell Targets module – given by Head of PixSell Projects Richard Tapley. Richard was able to ask clients for feedback and ideas to assist him on how to further develop the module before its release later in the year.

Keen to run additional workshops, we were very hot on getting feedback from each attendee via a feedback form, and were chuffed to say that everyone was pleased with the layout and content of the workshop.

Nathan Aspin, Managing Director of Aspin commented: “The event was a huge success. We had 35 engaged and happy customers who provided some great feedback to the workshop sessions. I enjoyed seeing PixSell users from a range of industries conversing with each other, and I was able to meet some of the customer accounts that my colleagues manage – and get to know them.

“Our business strives on providing a valuable service to each client and it is refreshing to see that their PixSell system is such a key part of each customer’s sales strategy. I am very much looking forward to next month when we get to do it all again.”

Horwood Homewares Ltd: “An excellent workshop which has given us ideas and answers for questions. All segments were useful.

Carl Kammerling International Ltd: “Very informative and useful, we learnt a lot of features that we were not aware of, which will improve our use and development.

Really Good Ltd: “It’s been a nice refresh for us – with ways to add system tweaks to generate new extra business.”

I. Grunwerg Ltd: “It was very interesting and helpful. I appreciate how clearly every aspect was explained. Put together really well, thank you.

KJ Edwards (Electrical Ltd) : “Fantastic day – I really got a lot out of it while I was there. Thank you.”

Citizen Watch UK Ltd: Very good workshop and has reminded me what we have and where we need to revisit to ensure we are using the app to its best ability, to benefit Citizen.”

ICON Consultancy Ltd: “It was all 100% useful – I expected nearer 90% and was pleasantly surprised!”

Mr Fothergill’s Seeds Ltd: Very interesting with good learning opportunities. I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t a focus on heavy selling.

Due to superb demand, a second workshop will take place on Tuesday May 16th. This workshop is now full, however if you are interested in attending a future event please contact your Aspin account manager, or email John King ([email protected]).