Success at Aspin’s third ‘Embracing Change’ workshop in as many months

June 26, 2019 Aspin eCommerce Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, InterSell, News, PIM, PixSell, Workshop Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

This Tuesday saw us back in Oxford, (despite the tropical weather), for our third ‘Embracing Change’ workshop, welcoming companies from a wide range of industries.

These workshop sessions, which are now into their third year, are aimed at helping brands, wholesalers and distributors maximise the value gained from Aspin products, and ensuring the products maintain their relevance for your evolving business.

Once again, this has been a great opportunity for our customers, and potential customers to speak with one another, to find out how they are managing uncertainty and embracing technology with the applications that Aspin develops.

Using attendee feedback from previous workshops, the format of this event has been fine-tuned, but covered the same topics:

  1. Product data management and collaboration in the Cloud (SkooCloud product information management)
  2. Making it easier for businesses to work with you using your B2B portal (InterSell B2B eCommerce)
  3. The future of mobile selling (PixSell iPad catalogue ordering)
  4. Collaborative Q&A

Gibsons Games – “Really useful information that was broken down. Not repetitive and it was useful to talk to other people about their experiences”

Kühn Rikon – “Good format and enjoyed being able to discuss things with participants.”

Oxford Products – “Overall the workshop was very informative. It was really useful to get a better understanding of both InterSell and PixSell”

Där Lighting – “Very interesting workshop and excited to implement some changes with Aspin”

As a result of a fantastic demand, a fourth workshop will be taking place in October. If you would like to attend this event or any future workshops, please contact your Aspin account manager, or email Andy Carter ([email protected]).