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11 Jun

Half Moon Bay see cross-selling success with InterSell B2B eCommerce

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There is no doubt for Half Moon Bay that eCommerce is a solid part of their B2B sales strategy and consequently at the core of their business development. Having used eCommerce for some years, in 2014 – Half Moon Bay identified additional requirements within their eCommerce strategy. “We felt the back end content management was a restriction rather than a catalyst, and the site required a visual overhaul.”

10 Jun

“This app has helped focus our sales teams efforts and really put life back in to each sales call.” – Rosewood Pet

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Rosewood Pet of Broseley, have been using PixSell iPad ordering since 2012. The uptake of the system was positive across the office and field staff and of course the retail customers. 

05 Jun

How to video: taking an order on PixSell

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We’ve put together a quick demonstration video of how your rep or agent would place an order on PixSell. To copy what you’ve seen today, simply head to the App Store and search ‘PixSell’ to download the demo version of the app. Here you can download PixSell and test drive with our dummy companies and products.

22 May

Is there need for both B2B eCommerce and a mobile ordering system?

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By Lizzi Benger, Aspin

Across any distribution sector, this is frequently discussed. How many sales channels does one business need to get their products out of their warehouse and onto the shelves of the retailer? Having a detached understanding of the obstacles that distribution businesses face has been the basis of our success from day one and we want to share our findings with you to benefit your business strategy.

14 May

“Put simply, we could not imagine a greater tool/provider for the job.” – Horwood Homewares

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Thank you to Horwood Homewares, Bristol for the 5 star review left on the App Store for our PixSell order taking app for sales teams. It’s great to receive feedback like this from our customers and very useful for companies who have yet to adopt PixSell iPad ordering.

29 Apr

Taking customer photos with PixSell iPad ordering

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Last week we discussed the Activities Module within the PixSell app and how sales reps can organise their daily activities and sales visits with the powerful diary planning tool. This week we will take this one step further and show you the photo capture tool that can easily be enabled by contacting us.