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07 Jul

Are your sales people kissing more frogs than princesses?

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frogAs a sales person, you need to be hitting it off regularly with both new and existing customers. In order to kiss more princesses than frogs, it’s important to make sure every visit counts. This means prioritising visits to outlets most likely to result in sizeable orders.  In reality though, it can be difficult to make the right selections.

05 Jun

How to video: taking an order on PixSell

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We’ve put together a quick demonstration video of how your rep or agent would place an order on PixSell. To copy what you’ve seen today, simply head to the App Store and search ‘PixSell’ to download the demo version of the app. Here you can download PixSell and test drive with our dummy companies and products.

18 May

“PixSell is of a very high quality and is intuitive to all users.” – Kuhn Rikon

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Innovative cookware distributor Kuhn Rikon are now as advanced with their ordering systems as they are with their ‘high-tech’ product range. 2015 has seen their adoption of PixSell iPad ordering and they have since left us a great app store review. 

14 May

“Put simply, we could not imagine a greater tool/provider for the job.” – Horwood Homewares

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Thank you to Horwood Homewares, Bristol for the 5 star review left on the App Store for our PixSell order taking app for sales teams. It’s great to receive feedback like this from our customers and very useful for companies who have yet to adopt PixSell iPad ordering.

29 Apr

Taking customer photos with PixSell iPad ordering

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Last week we discussed the Activities Module within the PixSell app and how sales reps can organise their daily activities and sales visits with the powerful diary planning tool. This week we will take this one step further and show you the photo capture tool that can easily be enabled by contacting us.

24 Apr

“I would not hesitate in recommending using this software and company.” – Gardman

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Thank you to garden products company, Gardman, Peterborough for leaving us a 5 star review on the app store for our PixSell app. A leading supplier of garden products to the trade, Gardman have been using PixSell since 2014.