Thursday afternoon: From GCSEs to iOS development

August 25, 2016 Aspin News 0 Comments

You may think teenagers spend their summer holidays doing very little but we are pleased to report a different story at Aspin.

It’s been a long day for Jack and Jake today, Thursday 25th August. After both picking up some exam results this morning (both are still smiling) they spend the afternoon at Aspin to try and understand what a career in programming might be like. Jack starts a course in Computer Science in September, with Jake hot on his heels for September 2017.

Firstly, both gentlemen spend some time in the sales office to understand what Aspin do and why they do it. It’s important to keep the information ‘top-level’ so we have time to visit each department and understand what they do. Once we’ve covered B2B eCommerce websites, iPad ordering, Amazon Web Services and distribution businesses, it’s time to talk with Head of Software Development; Kevin Davies.

Kevin runs the guys through one of our development project plans. This is due to start soon and the development team have identified individual tasks and have applied deadlines and goals to each section. Next, Kevin discusses various programming languages, and ways to become fluent in specific languages. Things like voluntary bug fixes, developing your own simple apps and programmes can all go a long way towards a career in programming, in the early stages.


Currently at school I am studying GCSE computer science and am learning Python. I have done a few bigger projects such as creating a mobile phone troubleshooting program and making a magic 8 ball program with over 50 different responses and answers. In my spare time I have made a few other smaller programs in python and am currently coding my own game using game maker.

Once I have finished my education whether it be an apprenticeship, at college or at university I hope to pursue a career in the computing industry ideally as a programmer. There are a few areas I find most attractive to me the first of which is being a programmer, this can be made achievable by getting a good grade in my GCSE computer science and going further to get an A level in the subject. The next is becoming an app developer which is going to be the hardest of the three to achieve, this will require me to find a college or university offering a course on the subject and then I would either have to become an independent developer and create apps on my own or find a company in the area that specialises in it. The final area I’d like to go into is game development. I can be an independent game developer and work on my own or with a few friends – however first I would need to study games development at college or university to enable me to enter that industry.


I have just completed my GCSEs, having done particularly well in Physics which I enjoy. I am looking forward to starting my Computer Science course in September and have started collecting various resources such as books to help me focus on a specific language. At the moment, I am looking into a language called  C++.

Once I have completed my BTEC in Computer Science, I would like to explore the possibility of studying Software Engineering at degree level. Prior to this, I may also need to study A-level Maths and Physics. The area I find most interesting at this stage would be software testing and troubleshooting. I will spend time taking part in and performing voluntary bug fixes to help my career.

Well done to Jake and Jack for coming into Aspin to find out more about life at a software company. We wish them best of luck in their endeavours.

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