To say it’s been a tumultuous few weeks would be an understatement.

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As we all settle into this new kind of ‘normal’, our Development Team are at home progressing the existing pipeline of client projects with the same professionalism, creativity and attention to detail as always.

Meet Harvey Dobson and Mike Babey, both at home – and benefit from the wisdom of their ‘Top Tips’.

Harvey ‘Shy Guy’ Dobson (said no one, ever).

Harvey 2

How are you finding it, Harv?

“I’m finding it much easier to concentrate at home with my music playing aloud.”

What Top Tips would you recommend to others?

  • Take advantage of being at home; use your usual commute time to go out for a run
  • Open the windows to get some fresh air circulating
  • Doing house chores before you start work in the morning gives you a sense of achievement. It’s a real mood booster!
  • It’s easy to keep working, so make sure you take breaks and set yourself a hard deadline for lunch

(We’re impressed Harvey is managing to do house chores and a run before work!)

Mike Babey

How’s it going, Mike? Mike… Mike…? MIKE!!!


I’m very lucky as I have enough room at home to use a spare room as an office, plus no kids that need to be entertained so it’s basically working well for me.

“Interestingly, I think I am speaking to work colleagues, at least those in the same team, more now than I do when we are in the office.

“We’re having lots of conference calls – I used to think zoom was something you did on a camera. I’ve even started using video mode when in a conference call which I think is very brave, and probably not too pleasant for the recipients.

What Top Tips would you recommend to others?

  • If at all possible, find a working space separate from your normal relaxing zone (ie the sofa)
  • Get changed for work as you would normally, resist the temptation to say in your Southampton ‘Saints’ FC pyjamas all-day
  • Try to keep to your normal working hours; if you think you can catch up in the evening you may end up disappointed
  • Don’t watch TV at lunchtime, you may never getaway… even when there is no sport to watch
  • Don’t watch TV whilst you’re working; multitasking is impossible
  • Don’t work whilst you’re watching TV; multitasking is impossible
  • Finally, perhaps the most important of all, don’t answer the phone to the boss. But do keep a photo of them by your desk

We’ll be back later this week with more experiences from our staff as they continue to support our customers from their home offices.