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18 Sep

Autumn Fair, Glee, Maison & Objet, Top Drawer… Aspin were there!

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If we could have a pound for every scanner beep we have heard on entering trade shows in these last few weeks, we’d all be in the Caribbean by now. But we’re not – we’re out and about supporting our wonderful clients who process order after order through our software solutions at various trade exhibitions and out in the field around the world. With their impressive array of stands, products and staff, it is always nice to catch up with customers and strengthen working relationships.

28 Aug

Fancy a little PixSell version 2 teaser?

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Aspin have been all hands on deck of late (yes, even more than usual!) and as a result, we’ve seen quieter times on the blog this summer – but it’s all for a good cause! Our iPad app for your sales reps to take orders has undergone a major update and makeover – and whilst we felt it was pretty fabulous before, we are ecstatic with how it looks and operates now.

11 Jul

Welcome to the 26th edition of Login newsletter

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July 2014 brings much hope for a continuation of this warm weather and of course…. the 26th edition of Aspin’s Login newsletter. Furthermore, there has been plenty of sunshine in the sales office as we welcomed aboard some new clients in June. A big welcome to Filofax, Sequel UK, Umbra, KJ Edwards and Kuhn Rikon. With plenty more projects mid-implementation as existing clients opt for InterSell B2B eCommerce alongside their existing PixSell systems, there is a never a dull moment at Aspin.

12 Jun

Liss News feature Uganda trip

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Liss news

Businesswoman returns from Uganda trip

A woman from Liss has returned from a moving trip to Uganda, where she helped install three water tanks. Selina Russell, who lives in Rake Hanger, is the founder of Farnham-Road based business Cheeky Rascals, and she spent a week in Uganda. She went with Vistage, which is a group of executives and business owners, to the village of Nkuringo.

04 Jun

South Coast Vistage Group get stuck into charitable work in Uganda

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Nathan Aspin (MD), along with his Vistage group, has recently completed some rewarding charitable work in southern Uganda.

The trip was organised by Chris Read, a fellow Vistage member. Chris had visited Uganda earlier this year, and was inspired to not only sponsor various community projects, including the setting up of a Music School, but also to return with his Vistage group.

27 May

Welcome to the 25th edition of Login newsletter, and first electronic version

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So long, paper based Login… You served us well.

Many of you may have noticed that Aspin’s Login newsletter has taken on an electronic format and landed in your email inbox, rather than on your desk. After much deliberation, we decided to do right by our environment and retire the paper based version for good. The birth of at the beginning of 2014 created a hub for all our news, stories and marketing and we felt it was the perfect home for Login, too.