What is order status 3?

March 17, 2011 Aspin News 0 Comments

We get asked this question from time to time by users, mystified as to why they can’t access their sales orders. Status 3 is used when your company is performing a Despatch Proposal. During this process, AMSolve runs down all your sales orders, determines which order lines have been outstanding longest; what priority you consider each customer has; and how much stock you have available. Using all this data, a proposal is generated that you can print, make manual amendments to (if, for example, you wanted to force stock to, or deliberately withhold inventory from, a specific customer) and, when satisfied, update; or you can cancel the whole thing and start afresh! The update process allocates stock to your sales orders, as determined by the proposal, so they can then be picked and have invoices generated. Status 3 comes in to play because AMSolve has to “lock away” orders that are part of the proposal. (Naturally, you can’t have people making changes to any orders within the desired range while the system is analysing them!) So, when the proposal is being generated, it changes its orders to status 3, effectively removing them from the ordering lifecycle. Once the proposal is either confirmed or cancelled, the orders return to their original status so they can continue to be processed.

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