Why should you invest in InterSell B2B eCommerce?

July 26, 2019 Aspin eCommerce Marketing, Get to know InterSell, InterSell Tags: , , , , , ,

Technology is changing the B2B e-commerce marketplace. So, why should you invest in a trade portal?

Regardless of whether a B2B or B2C buyer, it is now an expectation from the ‘customer’ that purchasing online is a simple and straightforward experience.

How is your organisation embracing the change in your customers’ buying habits?

Whilst there are increasing similarities between B2C and B2B customer buying habits, the B2B system requirements and user experience can be vastly different to that of the B2C. The challenge is to enhance the B2B experience to match that of the B2C.

Whether a consumer is researching product information for a new sofa at home or a business is reordering and replenishing stock, the information the user requires should be made easily accessible, the checkout should be seamless, and the overall purchasing experience made hassle-free.

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