Work experience week at Aspin for Matthew

April 7, 2017 Aspin News Tags:

Marketing, accounting, development – Matthew reports on a week of work experience with Aspin…
I had high hopes for my work experience week. Throughout the week, I aspired to find out in detail with the help of Aspin employees, more about the company through tasks and talks. I also wanted to benefit them in some way (apart from make the tea!). On top of this, I wanted to experience the life in the work place, as well as the atmosphere.

The beginning of my first day at my work experience started off with a nice 10 minute cycle to Aspin. Here I was met by a happy kind man who’s name was Nathan, he then proceeded to show me around the building and introduced me to everyone on the team. Everyone was nice and friendly towards me. Colin set me a task of noting down all the specs of each computer. Once I had finished I put all the data into an Excel sheet which I handed back to him. The next task was to create an extra name tag for a new employee. I noted down the steps on a Word document so anyone else could follow the same procedure. Once I finished this task I went to lunch between 1-2. The afternoon was filled with a long interesting educational talk with Kevin who was a friendly interesting person. He gave me an insight in to the servers that Aspin work on. I then created a diagram of the current servers and investigated other types of servers that are available.

The second day I entered the office and was greeted by Nigel and Colin. Nigel who had been helpful all week then helped me get started and showed me who I was spending the morning with. I spent the morning with Toby who gave me an introduction to accounting in a friendly kind way. We looked at the daily jobs that had to be done in the Accounts department. For example – gas readings and prices for servers. After lunch I spent the afternoon with Nigel who gave me a more in-depth talk about accounts and gave me a task which was to show the increase or decreases in business costs across a time period of several years.

The third day I was getting the hang of the working life and its atmosphere. After having a friendly chat in the morning with Nigel I was involved in a meeting that Julian (who has a thing for telling long interesting stories!) had invited me to with the tech team. This gave me more of an insight into the development side of the business. After the meeting, I quizzed Harvey who was a friendly enthusiastic person on the tech team about what he does and how he does it. After lunch I was tasked with reviewing web sites that the tech team had made. Once completed, I moved on to finishing the changes in costs which I had started the day before with Nigel.

On day four I was in the swing of things and knew how the day would pan out. I was introduced to Doug who was a comedian as well as serious when it comes to explaining what he does. He then ran me through what the telemarketing team do and set me a task to find some distribution businesses and the director for the company. I then cross-checked my results with their database to see if I had found any new companies – I was pleased to find that I did. After lunch I was tasked by John to create a short animation on what the sales team promote. I found this particularly easy as I am passionate about animation and enjoy the creative side. It was however still challenging as I had to learn the software which was Powtoon.

Today is my last day and have started the morning with Lizzi who is a friendly face and part of the sales department She helped and directed me throughout the week with her colleagues. Lizzi tasked me with completing a blog post on my week, and then I will move on to finishing off the animation. This afternoon John is going to take me through the company website, and show me how Aspin add new things to their site.

I have greatly enjoyed my week at work experience and have come to understand the company and adjust from the school atmosphere to a work atmosphere. The week has been full of meeting new kind happy-to-help employees who have gone out of their way to allow me to have an amazing week of work experience. Everyone had become a friendly face and I would willingly do this again.