Xpressions 4 U express their love of PixSell iPad ordering

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Another glowing review from our ever growing clientèle of PixSell ambassadors. Middlesex based giftware company Xpressions 4 U have been Aspin clients since 2003 and utilise a range of Aspin products and services. With two years experience in using PixSell out in the field, Xpressions 4 U have established the key benefits to their business and were happy to discuss these on the App Store.

Xpressions4u intersell screen shot“Here at Xpressions 4 U we use PixSell for our sales reps who are out on the road. PixSell is perfect for our type of business and allows our reps to have access to the most up to date product information wherever they are. We find that PixSell is very reliable and Aspin are always working to better the PixSell app and release new versions and regular updates. Aspin support team are always available and are very helpful if we ever need any assistance.”

In addition to the iPad app, Xpressions 4 U also utilise Aspin’s InterSell B2B eCommerce website solution. This went live in 2014 and enables their trade customers to log in online behind a secure portal and place order using their pre agreed and specific pricing. The public site acts as an information hub for consumers and potential stockists and provides an overview of the branded and licensed products distributed by Xpressions 4 U.

Only 4 U For more information on how we craft long standing relationships with our clients, and how our iPad app and B2B eCommerce websites help distribution companies evolve their order taking, contact us on 01794 500 200 or on info@aspin.co.uk


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